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Thoughtful Spending in the School Year

Marketing Professor Simon Blanchard gives tips for students on how to save money in today’s HOYA newspaper!  Click the link to read more.

August 2014 Georgetown University Problem Index (GUPI)

The latest Georgetown University Problem Index (GUPI) Report is here! The GUPI is a measure of consumers’ problems that require market solutions at any point and a valuable resource for gaining insight into the current problems that consumers are facing and what drives consumers to the marketplace. Check it out to learn how consumers’ reported […]


What is the benefit of having many choices?   Typically having many choices can hamper decisions. However, researchers have found that product proliferation can actually increase people’s sensitivity to quality. This in turn leads people to be willing to pay more for high quality products.  Click here to read the brief.

The New Normal of Consumer Behavior and How to Respond

Recently companies have switched from a focus on cost management to a focus on consumer behavior. Now, companies are seeking answers to questions relating to consumer engagement, acquisition, and loyalty as well as expanding marketing strategies to include new technologies. This article addresses many of these new questions and was written by Alton Adams (KPMG Principal, […]

Leader Driven Primacy: Using Attribute Order to Affect Consumer Choice

Even the order in which product attributes are presented can affect consumer preferences. When presented with two similar products, people tended to prefer the superior brand overall. However, when an attribute favoring the inferior brand was presented first, people were significantly more likely to choose the inferior brand than when an attribute favoring the superior […]

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