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September 2014 Georgetown University Program Index

The latest Georgetown University Problem Index (GUPI) Report is here! The GUPI is a measure of consumers’ problems that require market solutions at any point and a valuable resource for gaining insight into the current problems that consumers are facing and what drives consumers to the marketplace. Check it out to learn how consumers’ reported […]


When should brands engage with customers? A recent study found 78% of customers sought out info about the brand or product post-purchase.  Most of these people were looking to affirm their purchase.  This provides an excellent opportunity for brands to engage with consumers after purchase so that they are better informed and able to advocate […]

McDonough School of Business Undergrad Marketing Program Ranked 6th by LinkedIn.com

Linkedin.com ranked national universities’ business programs based on students’ post-graduate career outcomes.  The Marketing program at GU MSB ranked 6th. Check out all of the rankings on Linkedin.com

New Blog Post on HuffPost on Selling Data

Recently we ran a poll asking people what types of online data they would sell to companies (e.g., their financial information, search history, purchase history, etc.) and what types they would be willing to pay to protect from companies.  Dr. Ishani Banerji explains the surprising findings here on her HuffPost Blogpost titled: “For Sale: My Data”.

Thoughtful Spending in the School Year

Marketing Professor Simon Blanchard gives tips for students on how to save money in today’s HOYA newspaper!  Click the link to read more.

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