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When Brands Belong to Multiple Categories

Want to know how best to focus and frame targeted messages when your product or business belongs to multiple categories? Want to know how best to identify the latent categories consumers hold? Read the latest research by Assistant Professor of Marketing, Simon Blanchard, to learn about a qualitative technique that might effectively answer this question. […]

The 2014 Quarterly CPS is Complete

Want to know what kinds of problems consumers are entering the market place to solve? Want to learn how GICR is working to anticipate future consumer behavior by examining current problems? Read up on what types of problems different consumers are facing and the market solutions they are considering by reading the latest 2014 Quarterly […]

2014 Tax Refund Spending Survey

Want to know what people are planning to spend their tax refunds on? Do you think people will get back as much as they expect? Is there one filing method that most people use over others? GICR researchers Ishani Banerji and Sam Skowronek investigated these questions and more in the 2014 Tax Refund Spending Survey.¬†Click […]

Politically Charged: How Taking a Political Stance Affects Consumers’ Valuations

In the past few years, a number of restaurants and big food companies have publicly taken strong stances on certain political issues or debates. Subsequently, there is a lot of speculation over how these sorts of declarations affect consumer behavior and consumer sentiment towards the companies. So, GICR researchers, Chris Hydock and Anne Wilson, investigated […]

“The Origin of Choices” by Kurt Carlson

Check out GICR Director, Kurt Carlson’s, new blog, “The Origin of Choices” on Psychology Today! Carlson’s blog¬†explores the choices people make and how they make them, with particular attention to how people come to realize the need to make a choice and how they construct their preferences en route to making that choice. Click here […]

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