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Social Media|The Consumer Problem Survey (CPS) Reports & Georgetown University Problem Index (GUPI)   ~~On a monthly basis, GICR asks consumers what problems they have and how they intend to use the market to help solve those problems. . The CPS is the only survey of its kind, focusing not on consumer behavior or sentiment, but on the problems that drive consumers to the marketplace to seek solutions. Data from the CPS  survey is then used to generate and publish a monthly problem index referred to as the GUPI. The GUPI is a measure of consumers’ problems that require market solutions at any point. ~~Click here to view the most recent Quarterly CPS Report~~Click here to see all current and past CPS & GUPI Reports

iStock_000003103711Small|Special Interest Reports ~~GICR conducts and publishes regular surveys relating to the consumer behavior surrounding some upcoming holiday or event. Thus, special interest reports offer a valuable resource for reporters and marketers who are looking to better understand consumer intentions for an upcoming event or holiday, such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Tax Day, or any other consumer-rich time. ~~Click here to read the our newest report on Independence Day.~~Click here to see all current and past special interest reports.




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