Researcher at the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research and Professor of Marketing, McDonough School of Business

Professor Carlson teaches courses on Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Management. He is also the director of the MSB Behavioral Research Lab. He received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Wisconsin and his PhD in Marketing from Cornell University. Prior to joining Georgetown, Dr. Carlson was on the faculty of the Fuqua School of business at Duke University from 2001-2009.

Professor Carlson has published extensively on the topic of the development of consumer preferences and the influence of the product formation process on decision making. Though much of his research explores consumer decision making, he also studies how voters, jurors, and managers make decisions. His research has been published in top marketing, psychology, and management journals. He is currently writing a book on “Contemporary Brand Management,” which will be published by Sage in 2013.

Research Associate

Maliha Farrooz has been working as a Research Associate in the McDonough School of Business since 2016.  Maliha helps in the various stages of research, which includes development, design, and implementation of research. Maliha also aids on various research projects within the McDonough School of Business. Maliha’s research interests include consumer preferences and influence of product formation process on judgment and decision-making. Maliha earned a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University in 2016, where she has worked as a Research Associate throughout her undergrad career in the Psychology Department.