About the Technology Adoption Survey

The Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research conducts an ongoing survey about consumers’ use of technologies. This survey measures which technologies consumers are newly adopting, why they are adopting these technologies, their satisfaction with the technology, and information about their usage. The survey also track which technologies consumers are using on an ongoing basis and their satisfaction with these technologies. This project is referred to as the Technology Adoption Survey, and is specifically focused on consumer technology. For the interest of this survey, a wide array of products and services are considered under the umbrella of consumer technologies; for instance, laptops, tablets, wearables, apps, websites, software, and services.
At the current time, over 300 technologies are being tracked by the Technology Adoption Survey. These include major players like Facebook, Netflix, Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Google Chrome (browser), as well as up and coming technologies like Fitbit, Uber, Venmo, Periscope, Sling Box, and Instagram.

This information will be used to develop a better understanding of consumers, document trends in consumer technologies, and model the diffusion of new technology products to the market. The data will be made available in an interactive graphic on the consumerresearch.georgetown.edu website (COMING SOON). The Institute will also publish an ongoing blog based the results of the Technology Adoption Survey. The blog will take a deeper look into ongoing technology trends and the consumer’s driving them.

The data for the Technology Adoption survey is collected from a national sample of participants living in the United States. The data is weighted to ensure the population is representative of the US population based on gender, age, and family status. Two thousand responses are collected every month. Data is compiled and summarized for publishing on the Institutes web site.

Chris Hydock

Assistant Professor of Research

Chris Hydock is an Assistant Professor of Research and the Research Director of the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research. He earned a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Psychology Department at George Washington University and BA in Psychology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  In addition to conducting research on consumer behavior, he is helping to further develop the behavioral research lab for the McDonough School of Business.

Kurt Carlson

Researcher at the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research and Professor of Marketing, McDonough School of Business

Kurt Carlson is the Associate Dean at the Raymond A. Mason Business School. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin and his Ph.D. in marketing from Cornell University. Prior to joining William and Mary, Carlson was on the faculty of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University from 2001 to 2009 and the faculty of McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University from 2009-2017.

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