Simon Blanchard and wins award for best presentation for lecture at 2015 AMA ART Forum in San Diego.

At this years AMA, Advanced Research Techniques forum Georgetown McDonough Assistant Professor of Marketing Simon Blanchard won the award for best presentation along with Co-authors Wayne S. DeSarbo, Smeal Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Pennsylvania State University and Daniel Aloise, Assistant Professor of Production Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.

The authors presented on their paper: “Beyond Pairwise Similarity: The Category Covering Problem for the Analysis of Sorting Task Data in Marketing Research”.  Below is an abstract of the paper:


In a traditional sorting task, consumers receive a set of representational items and sort them into piles such that the items in each pile “go together” according to some criteria specified by the marketing managers. Although this task offers good flexibility in accommodating different instructions, no data analytic procedures exist to help summarize the piles that consumers make, without requiring arbitrary conversions of piles into data that influence the results. This paper introduces an empirical technique model called “Category Covering” to summarize sorting task data, as well as a proposed optimization approach to identify summary piles. The specification accommodates sorting tasks that feature instructions other than to sort based on similarity, does not require arbitrary aggregate conversions of piles into pairwise distances, and does not require users to make parametric assumptions that may not hold. Both a Monte Carlo simulation and an empirical application using a preference-based sorting of single-serving snacks from a local retailer demonstrate that the algorithm is scalable and can provide insights a few minutes of computational time.

View the award announcement here.

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