Assistant Professor of Research

Chris Hydock is an Assistant Professor of Research and the Research Director of the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research. He earned a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Psychology Department at George Washington University and BA in Psychology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  In addition to conducting research on consumer behavior, he is helping to further develop the behavioral research lab for the McDonough School of Business.


Maliha Farrooz has been working as a Research Associate in the McDonough School of Business since 2016.  Maliha helps in the various stages of research, which includes development, design, and implementation of research. Maliha also aids on various research projects within the McDonough School of Business. Maliha’s research interests include consumer preferences and influence of product formation process on judgment and decision-making. Maliha earned a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University in 2016, where she has worked as a Research Associate throughout her undergrad career in the Psychology Department.